Using the power of
nature to heal

Giving back
their independance

Inspiration to
all vets

AC is a charitable non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization, which offers guided hunts, fishing outings and outdoor experiences for veterans.

AC strives to provide veterans with both mental and physical healing through the power of the great outdoors. The volunteers of AC believe in giving back to our American military veterans, to ensure they feel appreciated and honored for their service and sacrifice.

Getting American Soldiers back into the Great Outdoors!

American Comrades Inc. is a full service not for profit organization solely focused on getting American Soldiers back into the Great Outdoors. We focus our goals on incorporating the sport of hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation on rehabilitation and healing. For many soldiers, being able to enjoy these activities allows for a form of mental and physical healing along with a healthy way to relieve stress. American Comrades takes pride in giving back to our soldiers. We feel that all soldiers deserve an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and be able to have a form of stress relief that they may otherwise not receive. American Comrades staff has volunteered countless hours supporting this great cause. We have gained support throughout the United States providing hunting, fishing, and all other outdoor opportunities that help support our mission.

what we do to support our soldiers

American Comrades is proud of our soldiers. We understand that these men and woman have made extraordinary sacrifices for our country and our freedom. American Comrades feel the need to give back. Whether we are involved in setting up fund raisers, planning a hunt, or finding a secluded trout stream to fish, our staff works diligently to ensure each soldier is able to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. If you would like to support our cause and help bring a smile back to the faces of these amazing soldiers you can make a simple donation by clicking below.

why we give support our soldiers

The United States is one of the largest militaries in the world today. Everyone has been touched by their services in one way or another. American Comrades recognizes the sacrifices that these soldiers and their families have made for OUR Country. Exposing these soldiers to the Great Outdoors and sharing our passion is one way American Comrades is able to give back. We feel the need to thank these amazing men and women for their sacrifices.

How we find our soldiers

At American Comrades we use all forms of media outlets. These media outlets are great resources for reaching out to these men and women of the armed forces. American Comrades is active on social media programs like Facebook, Twitter, and Instant Gram. We also use our television markets to reach out to soldiers and sponsors. All of American Comrades episodes are aired on the USOC Outdoors which is aired on the Pursuit channel. We are also shown on the New York market with Time Warner sports network. These Media outlets allow us to recruit these men and women of the armed forces, as well as enable us to reach potential sponsors. You can help us by supporting this great cause through a simple donation or by contacting one of our staff.


Snow Goose Hunt
Sand Marsh of New Jersey

The Team will take one lucky vet on a snow goose hunt in the sand marsh of New Jersey.

Turkey Hunt
Youth Season

We'll be taking a Veteran and their son or daughter on a New York State Wild Turkey Hunt.

Help us, Help
our comrades

To donate
Click the link below


Farm Days
11th of August
2015 Empire State Farm Days

-We will have our bannered table aside Team E’s table along with some of our participating veterans taking donations and doing raffles to fund some of our upcoming hunts.

3rd of September
Rolling Wheels Raceway Park

We are going to set up a tent with different donations for each race event to help raise money for future hunts.

10th of October
Salmon River Festival, Pulaski, NY

-Three Day event… Booth will be set up with some of our participating veterans. -A “Soldier Only” fishing event will take place at this event.

Shoot out
3d Archery Shoot, Wildwood Archery Center

-Proceeds to be split with Wildwood archery as this is a donated venue -Ticket proceeds as well as food/beverage proceeds -Raffles @ event…proceeds to American Comrades